I do not like "about" sections. 

Weird to start with, I know. But honestly - I don't like getting to know people via a screen and typed words, which makes writing an "about Beth" section nearly impossible. In real life, I talk really fast because I get really excited about things. And I talk with my hands, a lot. And a laugh really loud (or so I'm told). And I like to look at people when I talk to them and see their facial expressions. And hug them. And drink wine with them. 

All of this makes text and screens hard.  

So instead of telling you my story here...lets get together. I'd so much rather spend real time together so I can hear YOUR story. 

In the meantime, my official bio goes something like this: Chicago based and Destination Wedding Photographer to Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana and Texas. Eight years. Over 100 weddings. Over 300 families. Memories that start storytelling is my passion. 


Lets get real together, and then be friends.